Here's how Momentor helps drive behavior change:

Select Competencies

Using a process based on best-practices, Momentor helps employees select a couple of key competencies to focus on.

Goal Suggestions

Momentor suggests 4-6 behavior-oriented goals to support selected competencies. Employees can choose from these or write their own.

Automated Reminders

Automated reminders keep employees focused on their goals while offering an easy way to update coaches on their progress.

Resource Library

Over 4500+ resources organized by competency suggest things employees can do, watch or read to achieve their goals.

Easy Viewing

Employees can keep an eye on their progress by easily viewing outstanding action items, habit triggers, comments from coaches or goal mentors, feedback from colleagues on their progress and a complete history of everything they've accomplished.

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Here's how Employees get goal feedback:


Employee logs in, chooses a goal to receive feedback on and invites raters.


Raters receive an invitation in their inbox and complete the survey in a few minutes


Results are available online to employees and coaches.

Employees can get feedback on their goal progress at any time and as often as they wish. Momentor allows employees (and coaches) to compare feedback sessions on a single graph.

Envisia Learning has been extremely helpful in a very complex senior executive committee teambuilding project. They have been instrumental in its success.

- David Bowman, Chairman, TTG Consultants

Here's how the Goal Mentors feature works:

Assemble a Team

Employees invite managers, peers, mentors and/or experts to follow their progress for a specific goal.


Mentors receive an email summarizing the goal and collaborate directly with employees by replying to the email, making it easy to track ongoing conversations. Mentors never need to log in to a website, its all done over email.

Real-Time Updates

Coaches and managers stay up-to-date on employees' goals and progress through real-time updates via email each time a employee updates their goal or progress.

Stay Informed

Employees get an email each time a coach or goal mentor comments on a goal. We also save mentor comments under the goal being commented on for easy future reference.

To learn more about the awesome power of Momentor,
call us at (800) 335-0779, x2

What a breath of fresh air...what professionalism...what a relief to get this kind of support.

- Gary Richardson, Consultant, Richardson International