Momentor Makes It Easy to Prepare for New Assignments.

Upload Reports and Other Supporting Documents as You Get Them.

Momentor keeps assessments, reports, appraisals and interview notes safe for you until you need them.

You will also selectively share them with your client through the employee portal.

Invite Clients to Your Momentor Client Portal to Engage Them in the Goal Setting Process.

Customize and Send The Employee Portal Invitation.

You'll send your client their invitation to the employee portal whenever you're ready.

When your client accepts the invitation, they'll pick a password and be able to track their goals.

Your Clients Can Also Create and Update Goals.

We offer two ways to manage your clients' goals:

  1. You create the goals for them and use Momentor to communicate, add/update action items, practice plans, etc.
  2. You invite your client and ask them to define their own goals. You'll be notified via email as soon as they do.

Keep Clients on Their Toes as They Begin to Implement Their Goals.

Get Notified of Client Progress, In Real-Time.

Receive an email notification every time a client makes progress on their goals.

Reply to these notifications and your response is automatically added as a comment under the update and forwarded on to your client. Respond from any device, anywhere -- no need to sign in to Momentor.

Upload your Favorite Resources, Then Assign Them To Clients as Action Items.

You have your go-to resources that you like to use with your clients. You can build your own personal resource library within Momentor.

Once your resource library is built, you can add your resources to your client's goals as action items.

Momentor Automatically Reminds Your Clients of Their Goals Every Week.

Every Monday, we select one of your clients' goals at random and email it to them, including habit triggers and action items.

Your clients reply with any progress thats been made and their responses are forwarded on to you.

Demonstrate The ROI of Coaching.

Clients Can Request Feedback on Their Goal Progress At Any Time.

Clients Invite their managers, peers, direct reports, etc. to complete a quick survey on whether or not they see improvement.

Share these evaluations with your client, or their company, as a concrete way of demonstrating successful behavior change.

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