How Momentor Helps Employees

  • Online wizard helps users decide which competencies are important.
  • Momentor suggests dozens of behavior oriented goals or employees can write their own.
  • Curated competency-based resource library teaches skills and provides insight.
  • Automated reminders keep employees focused and accountable.
  • Securely accessible on the Web – anytime, anywhere.

How Momentor Helps Coaches

  • Collaborate directly with clients; effortlessly provide feedback & encouragement.
  • Track all your clients development plans, assessments, confidential meeting notes, reports, files and activities online and in one place.
  • Goal progress emails keep you up-to-date in real-time as employees make progress on their goals.
  • Roll-up reports show how many people are making progress and what competencies they are working on.
  • Access 2500-item resource library and add your favorites to goals as action items.

 See for yourself how we can help you build better leaders.

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Application #1:
Drive Behavior Change After 360-Degree Feedback Assessments

If your goal is to drive real behavior change, 360-degree assessments are only the beginning. You need a framework for turning assessment-generated awareness into goals and actions. Add some on-going encouragement and automated reminders, and you’ve got a system for achieving amazing results.



  • 360-Degree Feedback

Momentor - Translating Feedback into Behavior Change


  • Select Competencies to Focus Development
  • Set Goal Intentions
  • Define Habit Triggers and Action Items


  • Comprehensive Resource Library
  • Frequent & Automatic Goal Reminders
  • Easy Progress Updates


  • Invite Goal Mentors
  • Mentors Track Goal Progress
  • Mentors Provide Ongoing Support and Feedback


  • Individual/Group Tracking of Goal Progress
  • Feedback on Goal Improvement to Leverage 360-Degree Feedback Behavior Change

Application #2:
Show Clients How Effective Coaching Can Be.

Momentor gives you the tools you need to organize, motivate and measure your clients' goal setting efforts. Momentor works with or without our assessments and is appropriate for any of these popular types of coaching:

  • Career Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Life or Spiritual Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • Sales Coaching
  • Sales Management Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching

Momentor helps you with all stages of the coaching process, from contracting to engagement to implementation and evaluations. We have features that make you more efficient and able to demonstrate your ROI.

Application #3:
The Missing Link for Training Effectiveness

North American companies spend over $156 billion dollars per year on employee learning, but without follow-up 90% of new skills are lost within a year. Research shows that reviews of training effectiveness show only modest change in actual behavior of participants.

M1Your Training Program



  • Goal Suggestions
  • Resource Library
  • Habit Triggers


  • Frequent Goal Reminders
  • Easy Progress Updates
  • Mobile Notifications


  • Invite Goal Mentors
  • Mentor Track Goal Progress
  • Mentor Provide Ongoing Support


  • Individual Progress on Goal Progress
  • Group Feedback Shows Training ROI

M3THE GOAL: Successful Behavior Change & Enhanced Performance

Momentor bridges the gap between the training event and sustainable, on-the-job behavior change. It provides the follow-up and encouragement needed to deliver lasting results from training initiatives.

Our online system allows your trainees to create goals from a list of suggestions you provide and invite mentors to track, monitor and comment on their progress via email. It also frequently – and automatically - reminds participants of their behavior change goals and action items.


Envisia delivers fundamentally sound structures to support integrating an effective feedback process - a range of reliable assessment tools, simple internet administration, 1st class support & guidance. We need only 1 source for our feedback projects. These guys deliver!

- Gordon Hay, Director - Organization Development, Hartzell Propeller, Inc.
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